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Baba Dhansar

Baba Dhansar | Best places to visit in Vaishno devi

Baba Dhansar in Karura village is a famous religious site among Hindus and is also dedicated to Lord Shiva. To reach the temple, you have to descend about 100 steps, and on the right is a temple that is no less heavenly.

The naturally formed Siblingam is surrounded by a magical dark blue hue, Karura Jheel. Karura Jheel is considered a sacred place and bathing is not allowed here.

However, a separate area has been formed downstream just below Karua Jheel for devotees to bathe. In addition, milky droplets fall on Siblingham at a constant rate throughout the year.

This place is also associated with a very interesting story of Lord Shiva. Legend has it that when Mahadev went to Amarnath to tell the story of immortality to Mata Parvati, he left Sheshnag, the serpent king, in Anantnag. Sheshnag was reincarnated in human form as Vasudev Ji and Baba Dhansar were one of his sons.

According to local legend, a demon once lived around the pond. The demon has started wreaking havoc and destruction on the village. So the villagers went to Baba Dansal for help and they agreed to help. In order to kill the demon, Baba Dansal prayed to Lord Shiva for a long time and finally was able to kill the demon with Lord Shiva’s help.

Baba Dhansar, therefore, makes a list of the best places to visit near Vaishno Devi for its very powerful history.

Baba Dhansar Distance from Katra- 13 Km

Baba Dhansar Height – 466 m

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